Internet Help Desk Service

Software and IT consulting is our game, but most people come here just to get their blessed computer fixed, remotely.  So, we'll begin with our Internet Help Desk, which will soon appear on the right hand side of the page.  This service is provided, at nominal cost, as a courtesy to our friends and neighbors in Northern Arizona.  After we fix your problem, we hope you'll return and check out our other blessings, by clicking the topix below, on this side of the page.

This site is served over a basic home DSL connection, mainly to prove it can be done!  It loads a little slowly at first, because a DSL up-link is not much faster than a dial-up modem.  But, once loaded, our standard JavaScript framework takes over and most internal links work much faster.  We do this to demonstrate that a typical, low-traffic, small business site really can be operated directly from a home "server".  (We support high-traffic sites via our more powerful data-center servers).

Hint:  Click on any "topix" heading to expand or contract it . . .


What We Really Do Here

Our primary activity is the design and development of complex "systems" software — the parts of operating systems that make little lights go flash and blink, and all the other parts move back and forth, the way they're supposed to.  Systems software includes such goodies as web browsers, email systems and all the other "standard" programs most people take for granted.  In particular, we are the lead developer for three major products.

The Liberix™ Operating System powers our personal and small-business webFrame™ servers (and is slated to power larger, data-center servers in the near future).  Based on the increasingly popular Linux "kernel", the Liberix™ webFrame™ is designed primarily for the development and deployment of web-based business applications.  But, it also incorporates a secure wireless router, Windows-style file and printer sharing, and a whole lot more.  This web site, our development activities and most of our important business software all run on a single webFrame™ not much larger than your hand.

The JavaScript Uniform Shell (JSUS) is a JavaScript programming facility for most UN*X operating systems (including Liberix and other versions of Linux).  Based on the V8 JavaScript engine, used in the Chrome web browser, JSUS permits the development of large scale client-server business applications, written entirely in a single, easy-to-use programming language.  Greatly "misunderestimated" by many, JavaScript is a powerful, object-oriented programming language which is already the de-facto standard for programs embedded within web pages.  For example, our own web pages contain JavaScript code which provides the entire "look-and-feel" of this site, as well as its navigation.  Now, JSUS brings the same simple power to the server side as well, where the V8 engine generates machine code comparable in performance to conventional compiled languages.  Unlike C and C++, JSUS JavaScript is a true "high level" language — easier for programmers to learn and use, making them more productive and thereby greatly reducing overall development cycle costs.  We have now switched to JSUS JavaScript for most of our own application programming projects.

The dVine™ Database Manager is an extremely high-perfomance, memory-mapped file system for UN*X.  Without the overhead of an SQL interface, dVine has a tiny memory footprint yet can easily share its databases among hundreds or thousands of programs, all running at the same time.  On the other hand, it is still small and simple enough to be used for the basic key-value configuration files of a single program.  It can be used directly in C, C++ and JSUS JavaScript (and, indirectly, in any other language with support for shared C libraries).


Some Other Things We Do

Flying I Ranch is a full service IT consulting firm, with an emphasis on web application development, for medium and larger organizations, anywhere in the world.  If desired, we can host and manage these applications, either in our secure data center facilities, or your own.  We have many years experience in enterprise project management, including assembling and leading large teams of independent IT professionals.  And, we provide senior IT consulting at the highest levels of corporate management.

As a courtesy and community service, we provide basic IT support for local businesses and private individuals.  For these neighbors of ours, no problem is too small.  In addition to providing an Internet Help Desk, we are just as willing to fix grandma's old PC.  We also install and manage networks and small business servers and, throughout Arizona and New Mexico, we install and support public Internet services for hotels, motels, restaurants, etc.

Although most of our work is UN*X related, we are also comfortable with legacy mainframes and, somewhat grudgingly, we have been known to work on Windows as well.  And we just love the challenge of working with specialized embedded devices and systems.  So, basically, when IT comes to IT, we really can do IT all . . .


The Cobbler's Children's Shoes

Have you ever watched a group of children walking barefoot to school — only to find out they were the village cobbler's children?  Apparently, he was so busy making beautiful shoes for other people he just didn't have time to make any for his own family.

Well, we must walk in that man's shoes.  We are usually so busy working on software and websites for others we don't have enough time to work on our own!  In addition, we use our own site to test new features we are in the process of adding to our products.  So, please bear with us if everything is not completely perfect, because we give top priority to our customer's sites, above our own.  We promise we'll fix any errors, just as soon as we get a round tuit!